Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hospital Hill

I must admit I wasn't looking forward to this race for several reasons.  My sister signed us up for this one a while ago and I always planned to "train" for it but that really didn't happen.

I did run a little bit prior to it.  My job offered a "cube to 5k" program that I participated in for about 6 weeks. We would run Mondays and Wednesdays over lunch. The program is similiar to the "couch to 5k" program where you start off in intervals and work your way up to straight runs.

I did this, but never did the training on the weekends (I suck!). 

Another reason I wasn't looking forward to this race is because it's ALL HILLS (hence the race name). URGHHH. The Crossroads that we ran last year was very hilly and that was the saddest little race I've ever done.

Next reason, I was freakin sore. Took a new class (Tabata or High Intensity Interval Training) the Thursday before race day and it killed my legs and glutes. The soreness was so intense I had to rest the next day.

The last reason I didn't want to run this one is because we went to a concert the night before and I didn't get to sleep until 3am-ish...and had to wake up at 6am the next morning. 

So yeah. This one was mentally challenging. ALL MENTAL. But on race day,  it was on!!
I told everyone I was definitely walking this one but my adrenaline kicked in and we were off.  I told my sister she could leave me (since she's normally faster than me) but she said she would run my pace (which turned out to be the same as hers). 

This race was HUGE. They had people running 5k's, 10ks and half marathons. It's said to be one of the most challenging halfs in the country. I had never participated in a race where they had starting corrals (based on estimated pace).  The energy was unbelievable!

We started off well and pretty much kept the same pace through most of the race. Of course we slowed up on the hills but it averaged out going down.  The last 1/2 mile we sprinted. I was so surprised how strong my legs felt. My running just pretty much flowed and I wasn't tired at all at the end of the race.

I'm so hard on myself. On one hand I was pretty proud that I was able to run the entire race but then I started thinking..I totally could've/should've ran the 10k. If I wasn't tired at the end of that 5k that means I didn't push myself (harsh thoughts huh????). Next year we will be signing up for that half! PROMISE!!!!

Final time: 36:28.  2nd best race thus far!

My sister and I after the race

I'm not a beer drinker, but I love free!
Awww I love Title Boxing