Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tracking, Logging, Writing Down....ADMITTING

So last week I secretly decided to start writing down everything I ate. Not even necessarily tracking how many calories. Just getting in the habit of writing it on paper.

Day 1-3 GREAT.

Day 4 (Friday) Morning and Lunch went well. Went out Friday night. I kinda sorta wrote it down but in the midst of fun and drinks I may have skipped some things.

Day 5 (Saturday) Yeah I wrote it down, wasn't pretty. Wasn't pretty at all!

Day 6 (Sunday) I'd rather forget it! ATE WAY WAY TOO MUCH

So there is the trend. M-F when I am at work (a controlled environment) I eat well, stay within my calories, drink my water.

Sat and Sun - I overeat, I indulge, I don't drink water.

The sad part is I won't write it down. As if writing it down makes it official. NO..eating it makes it official. If its already eaten, why NOT write it down. Probably because its a smack in the face. Admitting that I've failed...

As much as I had to admit the reason why I am in a plateau, I already know whats wrong. My eating sucks! I mean I eat whatever I want to. As the weight comes off, I must also lower my calorie intake. What has worked before (as far as eating) does not work any more. OBVIOUSLY.

When will I learn? No wonder I ALWAYS get stuck in this 210 range. This is my comfortable place.

There is no way I can keep up working out 90 minutes a day. I tried to work off the extra calories. No that doesn't work. It takes both diet and exercise to lose weight.

I need to start tracking. I need to stick with my plan. I need to track (at least write down and track later) what I eat on the weekends

Monday, March 22, 2010

My first 5K ...LOTS OF SNOW!

I didn't go to my 5k on Saturday. We had a freak snowstorm (on the first day of Spring) with 7" of snow! I rolled over, looked outside and went back to sleep. LOL

Not to mention I had a few too many the night before for my birthday. 
I read in the paper yesterday that they moved the race inside a high school and made it only a mile long. The winner finished in 6 minutes (WOW!)

So I guess this gives me time to re-do C25K outside and get some more outside time under my belt. We do have a 5k at my church soon, so hopefully I'll be able to do that one as my first 5k.

I ate and drank WAY TOO MUCH this weekend. Today I'm back on track. Not feeling the best my allergies are CRAZY..but I need to get some type of work out in today.

We shall see....