Monday, October 31, 2011

Dance Central 2 and other randomness.

My cousin called me yesterday and wanted to come play DC2. I was sleepy and tired, but I'm always down for the cause, plus though I've had it since last Tuesday, I haven't had time to play it :-(

DC2 is much more 2-player friendly now. I love that we was could dance competitively against each other at the same time. Ya  know I'm competitive but the wins went back and forth.

I decided my favorite song is Nicki Minaj's Massive Attack. I've never heard the song before but the dances are crazy and it had my heart PUMPING! I LOVE IT!

Since I've been working out for so long I tend to forget that my endurance is greater than those I hang with. I was still good and ready to play back to back songs, but my cousins were TIRED. I just couldn't understand it. LOL. I ended the day playing 7 songs in a row solo.  Solo play is ok, but I LOVE playing competitively with someone else. Gotta find new friends with lots of endurance. :-)

Food wise, yesterday, well let's just say the weekend was not good. Wedding cakes, bbq and Pizza hut were all on the menu. Though we danced for better than 2 hours yesterday, and I walked/ran a 5k (breast cancer walk) Saturday,  I still don't know if it was enough to counter act the bad food choices.

Today is the last day of the month! I know results are due, but I gave my scale away to my sister. AND I can't find my measuring tape.  So yeah, not sure when I'll have anything to report. All I know is my jeans (size 14 from Target) are snug as heck today.  Not sure if it's because I bought them this way, or that I'm gaining. But this is an uncomfortable feeling not knowing where I stand. *I'm sure this is all mental*

Maybe I can catch my sister and have her put the scale in her trunk so I can use it real quick. I just want to know the number (obsession!?!) yeah I guess.

Oh! Yeah. Also in talking to my cousin (who has the BEST BODY EVER) I found out how much she weighed.  And I was SHOCKED as hell to know I *only* weigh 15lbs more than her.  WTF. That's exactly why the scale is a PHONY.  It's not about how much you weigh it's about the body fat %.  I *honestly* could care less about weighing 185lbs. All I know is that it's flabby and I want it to be tight. Give me a tight banging 185 over a flabby gross 145 ANY DAY!!!

Gosta build up this muscle.

Anywho this was a very random blog, but it's like that sometimes.

Happy Halloween!! Have a good one.


Friday, October 28, 2011

My sister is a ROCKSTAR

My sister came through for me, AGAIN! On Friday's I work from home, so I always plan to run before I have to log in, around 7am.  Today however, I didn't get up until 8am. Well...honestly last night I already had doubts I would get up and run (see how I play myself mentally, ugh. hate that!)

My sister calls me around 10am and says she thinks she is getting off early and would come to my house around 4 to run with me.  And she was on time!

We agreed to do Week 2 of the training (3 fifteen minute run intervals with 1 minute walks in between)Nothing really phenomenal to report.  My legs felt strong and my breathing was good. After the hills I have to slow down some to catch my breathe though. We kept a pace that allowed us to talk throughout the training. It was a really good run! I'm so thankful that we are able to run together.

Final results: 4 miles, 48:40 mins, 12:10 minute pace! Yes,a personal best!!!

So far I've done 5 4-milers (according to my runkeeper activity).  Here they are:

9/28 - 52:55
10/2 - 58:41
10/5 - 52:59
10/10 - 51:08
10/28 - 48:40

Looks like progress. Lord please help me with consistency, especially on those days I have to run alone. Amen!

Have a great weekend!

p.s Not doing well getting back on my workout streak.  I didn't work out yesterday, so I'm back to day 1 in the challenge. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Kid is Back?????

After coming off of several (2) crushing runs, I finally got out again.  Yes, I had a whole week off from running and toying with the idea of going down to 2 days a week (Fridays & Sundays) in order to squeeze in an extra day of Title Boxing.

I just can't explain enough the mental challenge running is for me. Much greater than the physical. I have got to get through this barrier. I have got to run, no excuses.

So what excuse did I come up with last week? None really. I just didn't feel like it.  That may be one of the worse excuses though. FEEL LIKE IT? WTH? There is a lot of things I don't FEEL like doing, but I do them because I have to or because that's the goal I set for myself. S


Yesterday my sister and I decided we would run together. Now there are pros and cons to workout buddies.

Able to socialize
Someone else is depending on you

You are on someone else's time
Someone else is depending on you
Different fitness levels

Thankfully my sister and I run the same pace HOWEVER (and I love my sister) her time schedule is ridiculous.  10 mins means an hour and I'm not kidding.  If she says she'll be there at 7 you should be expecting her around 9. That bad.

Yesterday was no exception (but it wasn't her fault) so I was irritated a little (TOM kickin in too) and wanted to just say forget.  But we went.

She is also doing B210K but is on week 1. I know she could've done Week 3 with me, but heck I'm not confident I can. So we did Week 1 that consists of  four 10 minute run intervals. 

It was nice! Our pace was such we could hold a conversation during the entire run. We took on hills, loose attack dogs, a random mans comment saying "yall don't need to lose no weight" O_o  *begins to run a bit faster*

But it was so much fun! LOL  Nothing better than running in the city.  It's such a peculiar thing  to do unlike the suburbs where you can always find someone out running.  So we were definitely on an adrenaline rush.

I didn't run the RunKeeper app so I'm not sure how far we ran. I would say it took us a little less then an hour to complete the training.

I'm also seeing how important cross-training is while running.  Though I am not a consistent runner, I was able to hang in there and get it done. The hills weren't bad either. I think it's due to the boxing on the non-run days. My legs are getting pretty strong!

Oh I almost forgot. It was cold out. Well I guess the temperature was in the high 40's but I definitely needed my gloves on.  And it got dark during our last 15mins.  After daylight savings, I'm not sure we will be able to run together during the week anymore. *sad face*

I've got to push myself out the door Friday morning to run. It won't be as fun, but hey, it is what it is. 

Thanks for the support! :-)


Friday, October 21, 2011

So what cha been up to?

Not running! That's what.  My last run was Sunday, and it was 2 miles. I'm getting in my slump. I feel it coming.  After 2 bad runs in a row, my confidence isn't there.  Thus, I haven't been back out. Oh and it's cold. I wake up to temps in the 30's. Excuses. Basically.

Yeah I talked a whole lotta smack to myself about how real runners run in sub par weather. But that's when the weather was terrific aside from a little sprinkle of rain here and there. But now...Oh I just want to stay under the covers.

Do I feel bad about it? No and yes.  Yes because I've dedicated this whole blog to my running adventures, yet I'm not running soooooooo..yeah. I feel like my blog is disappointing.

BUT, I still work out. Every day.  Title boxing kicks my a$$ STILL.  I've been going to a new trainer and But I love tough. I love to hurt.  I love the challenge.  He doesn't want us to do push-ups on our knees. EXCUSE ME? That's what I do. But this week I tried. *gasp* That's right. I simply tried. I can do 5! I'm also pretty stoked on the fact that I can pull up my body weight using my arms.  We do this thing where you put your feet under the bag, wrap your arms around the bag and pull yourself up. Sounds easy right? Well it's not! But I can do it! Nope, can't do the 15 he wants, but I can do about 8! I remember not being able to do that and HATING just sitting there watching everyone else effortlessly doing it.  Feels good to be part of the fit crew. :-)

What kind of sucks is his class is on Wednesdays. A run day. If I want to take his class, I would be running 3 days in a row (Fri, Sat, Sun). I don't know what to do.

Run because I said I would, or boxing that I LOVE! Hmmmm. Decisisons.

Also thought about getting my membership back to my gym at work. The advantage is I can workout during lunch and they have lots of weight machines(which I NEED). The disadvantage is I don't live close to my job.  I wouldn't be utilizing the gym on the weekends at all to use the treadmill for my run days. So basically I'm paying for a gym I would use only Mon-Thurs IF I go everyday I'm at work.

They do have a couple treadmills at the boxing I probably should save my money and just use that one.

I think I'm going to meet my November 1 goal of 185lbs. This morning I weighed in at 185.6. I need to stay focused this weekend and next and continue tracking my food.

That's about it!!!!
Have a great weekend!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


The title is dramatic. But it was a pretty rough week fitness/nutrition wise. I know I'm SUPER behind on blogging so this is a quick recap on last week.

Last Monday I woke up with severely swollen eyes due to allergies. I worked from home and passed out on Benedryl.  Since I didn't run Sunday, I moved it to Monday evening. Thanks to my support system I went ahead and did it. And guess what!?! PERSONAL BEST. 4 miles non-stop in 51:08 (12:58 pace). I was SO happy about this run. I just kept going and was determined to do it.

Tuesday I did make it to boxing class but since I have been slacking on my tracking (hey that rhymed) I don't know what the heck I ate.

So the week went downhill from there. Sadly. Wednesday I went to the park to run.  There was so much going on soccer games, picnics, and even a wedding! Not that I'm making excuses, but I was seriously distracted and hoping my big butt wasn't in any of the wedding pictures. On top of that I ran for about 2 miles, the Runkeeper tells me I did 4 miles. UGH. Technology. So I began walking in order to pull my phone out of my fanny pack (which is difficult due to it being so small and my phone being so big).  And that was IT. Motivation was gone.  I checked out mentally and walked the rest of the day to finish the loop. So I would say I ran 2 miles, walked 1/2 a mile.

Thursday I didn't even go to Title Boxing. Why? I was looking fabulous and wanted to stay that way when I met my friends for dinner. We go out every Thursday and I'm always coming from Title in workout clothes. Being single out here is tough. I'm going to have to start looking decent when I'm out.  For dinner I had chicken strips and fries. Wasn't even good. So on top of not working out I had a crap load of fried food.  This can't happen every week, but I excused myself on this day and before I went to bed did 10mins of ab work so I wouldn't break my streak. (Day 94).

 I usually work from home on Fridays, but we had a meeting that I had to come to the office for. Of course there was a potluck afterwards. Good thing I'm not a fan of homemade foods and desserts so potlucks at work are not a weakness of mine. They had a chili cook-off ( I don't eat chili) so I brought my lunch instead.  It smelled good though, I will admit.  Being that I'm not used to being at work on Fridays my body was rebelling and motivation was ZERO. I took the afternoon off and met my friend for lunch. I was starving (no breakfast due to the meeting) so I ate my spaghetti I packed before leaving. THEN went to eat lunch. (fat huh?).  I wasn't really hungry, but craving (and thats all it was, was a desire, not a need) for chips and queso.  I think I ate my weight in chips. Felt bad afterwards. We went to the mall and the time we left was just in time for the 5pm boxing class (we were close) but I talked myself out of going. Sad.  And went home. I must've been pretty tired because I went right to bed.  I was sleep by 5:30ish and woke up at 9ish and STARVING again.  I really wanted to eat better but couldn't think of anything to eat. Guess what I decided? BBQ. Yes at 10pm I went and ordered a huge beef sandwich and fries. SIGH....
I come home to it and it was HORRIBLE. Cold fries, and the fattiest beef I have ever had in my life (even after I distinctly asked for lean beef) If the place wasn't so far from my house I would have taken it back.  The beef wasn't even chewable. YUCK. What a freakin waste of money and calories!
Oh and no workout! Yes I could've counted "mall-walking" but come on now. Heart rate wasn't even raised. STREAK BROKEN AFTER 94 DAYS. Aye....But it was done conscienencely. I was tired and full off nasty BBQ. I know I could've done 10 mins of ab work, but I didn't feel like it.

Saturday I had my family over to play Dance Central.  I cooked a huge pot of chicken alfredo with broccoli and wheat linguini (I tried to make it semi-nutritious. lol) But I again, ate my weight in pasta along with 2 red velvet cupcakes.  I'm hoping all of the dancing burned those calories though!

Sunday I was till exhausted but forced myself to get up and run. I knew already (mentally checked out) it wouldn't be a personal best, but I promised my friend I would go (thankful for sound support)  I ran 2 miles with a couple of walk breaks. My goal was 3 so I had to walk the last mile back home. The funny thing is this guy passed me up. He had on his little belt with 2 water bottles attached so I assumed it was a long run day for him.  He didn't look like he was going super fast at all, but he DUSTED me.  Not that I was intimidated, but my  mind told me to just STOP and watch him pass me. And that's exactly what I did. 
Eating wasn't great either. Leftover alfredo for breakfast (I bagged up the leftovers in one serving portions) and spaghetti for lunch (oh the pasta!) and then some other junk later that day.


I was scared to even get on the scale, but I did. I was prepared for 190lbs but I was 187.6. Still in a good place to meet my goal of 185 by 11/1!

Today I am starting over and prepared with breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks. I WILL track and I WILL go to Title boxing tonight.

Thanks always for the love and support!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My inner athlete wants to come out & play - Week 3 Day 2

Yes, she is ready to shed the layers. Years of being obese, years of inactivity, years of self-hatred, and years of saying "I'm not an athlete".

It's time. I've always visualized me running. Even at 300lbs.  Ok well maybe the high 200's. The visions just been buried under all of these layers of negativity and with that it stayed just a vision.  But finally, thank God, I've finally stepped out and am trying to make it happen.

Today I'm feeling good. I'm feeling proud. I'm feeling thankful.  The journey to health is NOT easy. Of course yall know that.  If it was everyone would eat right and be in excellent shape. So today I'm allowing myself to simply be proud.

Many times on my quest to stay "humble" during this process, I sometimes minimize my accomplishments.  Sparking and blogging allows me the outlet to "toot my horn" much more then I would ever do in real life. When people comment about my weight loss I simply reply "thank you" and start another conversation.  I'm not good with being the center of attention especially when it comes to discussing my weight. Blame that on years of trying to hide behind it. When you are 300 lbs of course you never wanted anyone to comment on your weight. The feeling is still here with me now. It makes me uncomfortable. Along with that, I try to be careful about what I say to people. It's easy to get on a soapbox about the subject. You have to remember everyone hasn't had their "come to fitness" moment and though they are quick to comment about your weight loss, that is where they want the conversation to end. Just think about it, at your heaviest did you want someone passing judgment telling you all the things you probably already know concerning your health. Nope. Not unless you asked them. But I've got to learn how to manage it. Sometimes it is okay to share your story. Someone may need to hear it.

So today (after much thought and soul-searching) I posted a body shot of myself on Facebook. It may not be a big deal to some of you, but for me it was a HUGE step. It brings attention to the place I am most uncomfortable with. My body. Yes. I'm proud of it today!

Ok anyways. Week 3 Day 2.

So guess who didn't start the training app on their phone? THIS GIRL. I thought I did, but 5 songs later, I thought, well where is my 10 minute signal? At that point I knew something was wrong. Oh well, I decided I would just run until I was tired.

Well tired came at mile 2. I had to walk and I'll admit, I felt so defeated. Like geez, I can't even get to 3 miles! REALLY!?!  Not even a 5k huh? I was upset. I walked for about a minute or 2 and was totally thinking about finishing the loop on the trail and getting in my car and calling it a wrap!

Don't know what happened, but I couldn't do it. Started back running. For another minute. Stopped again. I was tired on the incline. I saw this bench a little further along and allowed myself to walk to the bench. I'm sure I gave myself a little pep talk at this point. Probably something about not quitting, gotta blog, I can do it all those positive type mantras.

Well it helped and I was able to run 2 more miles non-stop. Oh wait I had to stop and tie my shoe. That doesn't count though right?  So anyways. Despite technical difficulties, sore legs, and mental blocks, I had my best run yet!  4 miles in 52 minutes.  The walk breaks were needed and from now on I will not bash myself for doing so. In fact, Jeff Galloway is all about the walk/run method of distance running. LOVE HIM!

Here is a picture of me. I LOVE this picture (in a VERY humble way of course!).  It just screams..THIS GIRL IS AN ATHLETE!! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

So how'd you do it? - Eating Clean/Calorie Counting

Let's back up a bit and I'll list the things I've tried:

~Slim Fast
~Cereal diet
~Phentermine (Adipex)'
~Weight Watchers (well not a real attempt, I signed up online for 2 months)
~Lean Cuisines, Smart ones, Healthy Choices etc.
~SouthBeach Diet
~Low Carb
~Eating what I want and trying to work it off with 2-a-day workouts

I think that exhausts my list.  All of the aboves...FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

Ok, well not total fails. With Southbeach I did lose 25lbs or so and never gained it back and I didn't give WW a whole hearted attempt (my sister is doing very well on WW)

Some of these other ones. CRAZINESS, in my opinion.  I've heard many people say it and this is SO TRUE. Whatever you do to lose the weight is what you will be doing in order to keep it off. Because as soon as you stop doing them, the weight comes back. HELLO. I'm a witness!

How realistic is it to drink a Slim Fast shake for breakfast and lunch for the rest of my life? Not realistic at all. Oh and don't get me started on the Phentermine.  I was up at 2am vacuuming my entire house because I couldn't sleep and had all this energy.

My last attempt at tackling my weight had me in the gym ALL day and night.  I was of the mindset I would eat what I wanted as long as I burned it all off! Ummm, that worked for a while, but life got in the way of my marathon workout sessions.

It's hard for me to discuss weight loss with many people. When they start talking about injecting hormones, eating cabbage all day, and swalling pills my mind starts wandering and I try hard to bite my tongue about why those things don't work in the long term. But aye..who am I? I've been there, done that.

I yo-yo'd so much because I never figured out what really worked. Like I said before, I would get down to 210, then back up to 240, back to 205, back up to 225. It was insane that I never got under 200 lbs. I thought it was really something wrong with me and my body wasn't able to do it. (Yeah, I know I'm insane)

This past holiday season (2010) I'd had enough. I was 240ish lbs again and completely uncomfortable..AGAIN. I thought I had it all together when I got down from 311 lbs to 210 and here I was, miserable.  AGAIN!

As much Sparking as I'd done, I knew my nutrition sucked. I knew I had been trying to win the war without all the necessary artillery, if you will.

During my time off from work during the holidays,  I started really taking a look at "A black Girls Guide to Weight Loss" blog.  I wanted to deny what she {Erika} was saying about counting calories and eating clean, but the Holy Spirit would not allow me to take in all this information and ignore it.  I was moved to admitting my addiction to processed, fatty, sugary food and coming to the realization that I needed to eat clean.

What is eating clean?

In layman's terms, eating clean is eating only whole foods. Foods with little to no ingredients and in their rawest form.  Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, complex carbs, dairy products. No processed foods (foods processed in a manufacturing plant and passed off as edible. Sorry. Soapbox)

Here are a couple of links about it (that explain it more eloquently than I can)

Along with eating clean, I count calories. Though I believe eating whole foods is important, I still can over-eat these foods as well (but not nearly as much as junky processed foods) You can still have too much of a good thing.

Sparkpeople gives me a calorie range based on my weight, goal weight, and the amount of calories I burn with exercise.  This tool has been fundamental in my weight loss (and weight maintenance).  Counting calories is like managing a budget.  When you begin counting you see how many calories your favorite foods have. Like a budget, you start to think about whether the calories of those items are "worth it" or if you can "fit it in".

If I'm feeling really hungry, I eat tons of vegetables for volume using very few of my allowed calories.  You'd be surprised how calories add up!  Every bite, every drink, everything you put in your mouth has a calorie value.  Make them worth it!

Here is a link on calorie counting:

Erika has an awesome series on the importance of calorie counting for weight loss.

So in answer to how I did it (in a way that I can maintain for the rest of my life) my answer is eating clean, and calorie counting. Maybe one day I will get to the point where I can intuitively eat, but until then, I will be logging all my foods.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Very Regular.....Week 3 Day 1

I woke up ready and willing to run today. It wasn't hard to get started at all. Maybe I'm still feeling good about my new shoes. LOL.

I actually did the 5 minute warm-up ( I usually skip this part and just start running) because I felt a little stiff.  The first 10 minutes are always so hard. Totally mental (like always) but probably because I know I have at least another hour to go. 

So I added 2 minutes on my runs. And yeah. I could definitely tell.

The gloves helped, but my hands were still cold. Maybe I should've broke off the extra 10 bucks for the North Face's. Oh well.

Oh I forgot. There are lots of older people that walk on the trail. One lady said "you are really doing a good job".  She just doesn't know how much that made me smile and gave me a little push to keep going.

I finished in plenty of time to get ready for church. My hair didn't look like anything and had to throw it in a bun, but it felt good to wake up, run and make it to church. Just an all around good feeling to feed my body and spirit!

Nothing else really blog worthy to report.  It was tough, but I finished. Thankful for 2 days off from running. I hope my mind doesn't check out, and my body gets some rest.

Average Pace (including 5 min warm-up) : 14:38
Miles complete:  4.01
Time: (not including 5 min cool-down)  58:41

Until next time.....


Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Shoes! - Week 2 Day 3

I finally broke down and bought new shoes! I went to the local running store and where they analyzed my old shoes and watched me walk around the store in order to figure out what type of shoes I needed.  Sorry can't remember what the outcome was (something about I walk on the outside of my soles) I tried on several pairs of Nike's, New Balances, and Saucony's. I liked the Nike's because they were all black.  They were super cute.  I had to suppress my inner fashionista though and bring out the runner in me. This shopping trip was not about looks, it was about comfort and fit (yeah, that's what I kept telling myself).  I absolutely fell in love with these Mizuno Wave Precision 12's though!

pix from
 Aren't the cute!?!? They have some flowers on the side. How girlie!!! Now I come from a place where only Nike and Adidas are acceptable brands of tennis shoes so THIS is monumental! I'm totally a runner! LOL because I didn't care.

They are so light!  I felt like I didn't have shoes on at all. I already have enough weight in my legs to lift,  no need to add more with bulky sneakers!
I was so excited to get out and run with my new shoes that I woke up before the sun came up today but had to wait until it got lighter out.
I went to the park by my house to complete W2D3, and I must say this was the best run yet. I felt so good running.  I still  looked forward to my 1 minute walks. I think that is mental. Just because I know they are coming, I get excited about it. But I think I could run the 45 minutes non-stop.

The inclines were a beast, but going down allows me to catch my breathe and gather my composure again. I do like running at the park. I can get my people on. And of course having people around makes me put a little pressure on myself to "look like a runner" lol. I watch my form, my posture, my breathing. I totally get into looking the part.

I was running today and this other runner (looked very athletic and experienced) passed me completely up. I mean she really lapped me. But I was good with that. More motivation to keep going and work harder. I envied how effortlessly she ran (well it looked effortless)

It was a little chilly out today. I had a jacket on but my hands FROZE. Another purchase. Gloves. Totally necessary. Looks like my running wardrobe is building up. Now I need to figure out what items I need to endure the winter months.

Since I skipped Friday, I have to run a back to back session. I'm actually looking forward to my run tomorrow and hoping my body adapts to the added 2 minutes.

And here is a body shot of me with my new jacket and running shoes! Oh and look at this other picture from January. WOOT! Body is SHRINKING!!!!!! I love it!


 Until next time!!!!