Monday, March 5, 2012


Nothing to much to report.  I still haven't weighed in because I need a new battery for my scale. Obviously it's  not a big deal to me because I just replaced the battery on my food scale, I just didn't rush to get one for the other one.

Not too big on weighing in anymore? Why?  I just know what I feel and what my clothes feel like and I can tell I'm progressing that way. As much as I like to think it doesn't, weighing in DOES affect me. I'm all hype if it's going down, and disappointed if it's not.  So why put myself through it right?

And also I take my measurements monthly and definitely seeing progress there. That's good enough for me right now.

Don't get me wrong. I still want to get to 155 lbs.  I guess just so I can say I've lost 1/2 my starting weight. Other than that, I really care about what it looks like more than the actual #.

I'm still tracking my calories since I started back a couple of weeks ago. Though I failed to do it this weekend. I kind of gave myself a pass to have some bs food.  The crazy thing is if I look back I still didn't eat to bad. I had some bbq on Saturday but instead of consuming all of it at once like I would have done in the past it actually rationed out to 3 meals and I still have some fries left (they do give you hella fries though). 

I'm noticing my appetite isn't what it used to be. Hate to jinx it, but I think my stomach is shrinking. I simply CAN'T eat the amount of food I use to. It's really strange to me that this is happening. I hope it's true. I'm pretty greedy so being full sooner would be THEE best thing ever.  Automatic portion control!

I registered for the Color Run on 6/30. It's not a competitive race at all, but that's fine with me. As you know running has fallen by the wayside but I'm ok with that. I still work out and I  eat pretty clean and that is working for me.

That's about all that's up with me. Still hanging in there. Nothing to serious, no new challenges. Just kind of floating along. Maybe one day I'll be ready to step my fitness game up a bit.

Have a good one!

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