Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is the theme for me this year. No more tricks, no more gimmicks. That crap just doesn't work.

Tricks and gimmicks? For me it was not eating right, but working out 90minutes a day in cardio. Yes, it helps me lose ...only for a while. But what then happens is I get burned out.

This is my 3rd year on SP and still over 200lbs! I have yet to make it to Onederland. Something has got to change.
I've resisted changing my eating habits as long as I could and its not working.

For the past month I have been tracking my calories and being completely (I think) honest about what I'm consuming. I'm averaging 1,750 calories a day.

And I swear this is the BEST eating I've EVER done. That's scary huh???

My goals this year:

Track daily

Weekly calories average: 1,500

Exercise: 150 cardio minutes, ST 2x's a week

Run a 5k (seriously)

Thats it! There's the plan.

SN: No more fast food, 90% clean eating (some things I can't control)

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