Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tracking...Eating Clean...30 days later....

God is good and I prayed for strength in this aspect of my life. He's all over this one.

I cannot EVEN belive I have tracked my food this long. I've been on Sparks for 3 years now and always start on a Monday...quit on the weekend.

I was very consistent with tracking my workouts. That positive...can't knock a good workout. But my food? NO WAY!

I truly believed I could lose this weight w/o changing the way I ate. Yes I read the articles about the importance of nutrition. But I was 100lbs down and NEVER tracked so I (knew) I could do it. WRONG.

I would try and out train my bad eating. I would work out 90 minutes a day about 6x's a week. Thats good and all, but yeah. LIFE HAPPENS. What happens when you can't keep up with the demands of such a rigorous schedule?

And then my workouts "slow" up to 3 days a week. The weight comes back. Why? My diet sucked.

I have yet to make it to Onderland. I get around 210, get busy, stop working out so much. And then the yo-yo happens.

Not this year. I NEEDED to change my diet. I read some things on the internet, thought about it, and fought with it.

Eating clean makes sense. Too much sense to deny that it's how I should eat. You should know what you are putting into your body. And OH NO I'm not a "clean freak". I still use artificial sweetner, processed oatmeal, and turkey bacon/sausage. And I'm pretty sure I'm not eating the right bread. LOL.

But...there is something to be said about eating foods with a SHORT (if any) ingredient list.

Simple as that. Good food is not manufactured. PERIOD.

How can foods with chemicals, preservatives, and ingredients that you can't pronounce be fuel for your body?

God provides food for us. EAT IT. :-)

This "revelation" didn't come easy for me so I don't expect everyone to understand. I am the girl who would eat fast food AT LEAST 3x's a week. Ate fruit..maybe once a month. Veggies. Yea sometimes never. Lean Cuisines were my friends (hey, they were low in calories so they had to be good right!?!)

*SN Mickey D's (my old fav) hasn't seen me since...umm can't even remember*

*gets off soapbox*

OAN (on another note):

I'm scared of failure. I have tried this TOO MANY times. Every year, same goal, same yo-yo. So this year I decided to keep my goals/plans to myself. It's hard though. I'm motivated. I'm encouraged. I'm full of information and excitement about what I'm doing.

But I think people are waiting for me to fail. Like in their heads they are saying "here she goes again, just give it a couple months and she will be in the drive-thru again"

I don't know if this is true, and it can be me fighting with myself. But I don't want to fail. I REALLY (and this time I am SERIOUS and not being cliche') want to commit to changing my life. I want to be the woman that everyone knows eats healthy. I want to be the only one at the table having broccoli for a side instead of fries. I want people to mock me for it (cause I don't give a s$*&) And I want this to just become natural. Not a forced, miserable thing to do.

I want to ENJOY IT *gasp* Yes I LOVE to eat healthy, unprocessed food!!

Ok this is long..sorry. Anyway.

I will say that 30 some odd days later, I do feel different. I don't feel deprived. I am loving cooking for myself (trial and error....Some of the meals..yeah umm no-go). My energy level is crazy high. I sleep SO MUCH less than I used to. I'm close to 20lbs lighter in 2 mths. I have great support (shoutout to my SP friends..we talk ALL DAY EVERY DAY..twitter, fb, text, email.LOL)

Oh and guess what? I work out ALOT less than I use to. From what I've gathered the key to success is the COMBINATION of diet and exercise. Not one or the other.

I would encourage anyone to commit to ONE WEEK of tracking (everything) and measuring. If you have a smart phone...THE SP APP IS THE GREATEST THING EVER. There is no excuse. Most things I eat are in the database of foods, if its not, I find something reletively similiar. Its not about being perfect (i have a hard time with this..LOL) It's about being honest and learning.

So there...Anybody down for tracking this week? I hope so!!!

Next up: DRINKING WATER (pray for me!)

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