Saturday, November 12, 2011

Buck O'Neil Race - 2.2 Miles

I will admit, I was a bit cocky with this race. "2 miles, PSSHHHHH, no problem. I got this"

I haven't run in 2 weeks and it was freakin cold outside. Wait. No one told me this was a hilly course. Hill. After hill. After hill.

I was tired after this one and will never disrespect another run.  This was my nephew's first race (he's 11) and I just KNEW we would be waiting on him. HAHAHA. Yeah right. That sucker finished in 19 mins and was sitting at the finish line drinking orange juice waiting on his mom and I to finish.

My pace started too fast. The first block or two was all hill and I tried to keep up with the crowd (and my sister and nephew) I was able to, but had to catch my breath going down. That is when they passed me and at that point I could never catch up with them.I completely lost my nephew, but my sister wasn't too far ahead so I could see her the entire race.

Of course I didn't look at the race map so I assumed we were making a loop.  Had I known the finish line was coming up quicker than I thought, I probably could have picked up my pace more at the end. I was preparing for another hill, but there wasn't another one.

Anywho. Results. 22:41. (10.19 mile) Fastest miles yet. I'm shocked by this because I swear I felt like I was running super slow.  But I wanted a good pace. Come on. 2 miles. I definitely wanted to have a PR and I did. YAY.

Next race? THANKSGIVING! I need to hurry up and register. AND force myself to get out there and train. SAD. I know. Slacking.

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