Friday, November 11, 2011

Progres Pictues & the Return of the Red Dress!

Since I've gotten  rid of my scale, I've taken a lot of pictures of myself and they have been very helpful.  It feels good to take pictures and be ok with them.   I wish I would've taken more pictures when I was heavier for comparisons. I guess I probably did, but instantly hated and deleted them.

For anyone starting take LOTS of pictures. Take them of every single part of your body at every single angle. Those times (like now for me) when the scale doesn't move fast, you'll be happy you did it.

This blog is picture heavy! Let's start with the red dress pictures! I bought this dress in 2010 for a cruise. Size 16 from Target.

April, 2010- 215 lbs - I guess I was just happy it fit!

July 2011 - 200 lbs

August 2011 - 195 lbs Now it's looking wearable! 

Nov 2011 - 185lbs Too big (check out the stomach area)! Needs to be altered and it looks longer!

It's amazing the big changes in the way the dress fits, with very little scale movement behind it! Oh and check out those arms! Guess the "real" push-ups are paying off!

Now on to my new progress pictures. I'm so loving this. Yes, I need to tone (see tummy pixs) but shooooot not bad at all. Wow what a crazy journey (that never ends) Thankful to God for seeing me through this far!  Here it is folks!

yeah buddy!

And this last picture is to show the work I still need to do. TONE TONE TONE. Nope this isn't excess skin. This is fat that needs to GO!

 I put my \hand on my belly so you can see what I'm talking about.

I'm feeling good about where I'm at. Oh trust me, that doesn't mean I'm done. You are NEVER done. My focus is no longer big drops on the scale. I want to SEE changes in my body.  On to the next I suppose......



  1. You are looking fantastic! you go girl

  2. You look amazing and are so inspiring!

  3. Thank you Selena for stopping by and reading! :-)