Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FB Message

Last night a woman I went to high school with inboxed me the following message:

Hey Alicia, how have you been? You look stunning might I add. I had to share this with you because you have truly been a blessing to me. Girl, I just had my baby in October and after reading your post over the past few months you have encouraged me to do a 90 day workout challenge and I thank you for the motivation.. It's great to see you doing so well. Take care and keep up the good work.
But what is cool is how much her sending this message blessed me. Sometimes I get a bit arrogant about the process and my success thus far. I belittle it (a bit out of humility, but also out of ungratefulness), I get tired of it, I also forget about how far I've come and think too much about how long I still have to go.

But on this post, I want to take the time to recognize my heavenly Father for all that he has done for me.

Lord knows my walk is not what it should be and what it had been in the past, but I will never forget that I promised God that anybody who asked me how I did it, I would not first recognize him.

So I'm asking for forgiveness because many times I have not acknowledged that I could not have done this without him.  My journey is my testimony of God's grace and mercy on me so how dare I not  begin every morning with a " Thank you Jesus".

Yeah it's hard but like my friend said once everything major that you've done in life (education, family, work) is hard.  The bigger the pay-out, the harder the journey.

Anywho, I'm thankful for exactly where I am and that my life has touched someone to be healthier.

It's a lot of pressure, but I'm  up for it!

Happy Wednesday folks! 



  1. I haven't been on here in a while so I hadn't seen this post.I have been mainly stalking you on new obsession. Lol! But, I never really asked for God's help on this journey. I pray to him before I take test, when I'm not focusing with studying, and even when I was waiting to hear on my admission. But, never on my weight-loss journey.Maybe that's what I need to do..ask him for favor on this journey. Because, most days I lack just the will power to say no and make the right choices on simple things. New Mission! Like always, thanks for the wisdom!;-)

  2. Very Inspiring! Thank you Jesus to God be the glory! (yeah I can be one of those, but sometimes it spirit just takes you there)

  3. What a nice note for her to send you! I loved your pause to reflect and appreciate the journey and how God's help has made it possible. I just got Daily Word for Weight Loss and I love how it focuses the concerns, prayers, and hopes one may have in this pursuit of healthy living and weight loss. Your prayer...reminded me of that book...