Monday, October 31, 2011

Dance Central 2 and other randomness.

My cousin called me yesterday and wanted to come play DC2. I was sleepy and tired, but I'm always down for the cause, plus though I've had it since last Tuesday, I haven't had time to play it :-(

DC2 is much more 2-player friendly now. I love that we was could dance competitively against each other at the same time. Ya  know I'm competitive but the wins went back and forth.

I decided my favorite song is Nicki Minaj's Massive Attack. I've never heard the song before but the dances are crazy and it had my heart PUMPING! I LOVE IT!

Since I've been working out for so long I tend to forget that my endurance is greater than those I hang with. I was still good and ready to play back to back songs, but my cousins were TIRED. I just couldn't understand it. LOL. I ended the day playing 7 songs in a row solo.  Solo play is ok, but I LOVE playing competitively with someone else. Gotta find new friends with lots of endurance. :-)

Food wise, yesterday, well let's just say the weekend was not good. Wedding cakes, bbq and Pizza hut were all on the menu. Though we danced for better than 2 hours yesterday, and I walked/ran a 5k (breast cancer walk) Saturday,  I still don't know if it was enough to counter act the bad food choices.

Today is the last day of the month! I know results are due, but I gave my scale away to my sister. AND I can't find my measuring tape.  So yeah, not sure when I'll have anything to report. All I know is my jeans (size 14 from Target) are snug as heck today.  Not sure if it's because I bought them this way, or that I'm gaining. But this is an uncomfortable feeling not knowing where I stand. *I'm sure this is all mental*

Maybe I can catch my sister and have her put the scale in her trunk so I can use it real quick. I just want to know the number (obsession!?!) yeah I guess.

Oh! Yeah. Also in talking to my cousin (who has the BEST BODY EVER) I found out how much she weighed.  And I was SHOCKED as hell to know I *only* weigh 15lbs more than her.  WTF. That's exactly why the scale is a PHONY.  It's not about how much you weigh it's about the body fat %.  I *honestly* could care less about weighing 185lbs. All I know is that it's flabby and I want it to be tight. Give me a tight banging 185 over a flabby gross 145 ANY DAY!!!

Gosta build up this muscle.

Anywho this was a very random blog, but it's like that sometimes.

Happy Halloween!! Have a good one.


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