Thursday, January 14, 2010

C25k - Week 2 Day 3 SORE!

I'm super tired and sore. This is one of those days when my body is talking to me.

I don't know who pissed in my trainers cheerios, but Title has been TOUGH this week. Anybody know that song by David Banner and Lil Wayne?? Shawty say?

Anywho...we do squats through the entire song. OUCH!!!!!!!!!

So then his next favorite thing to torture us with is running side to side. Lap after lap after lap of running sideways.

Not to mention the mountain climbers, pushups, sit-ups, punching combinations. The list goes on and on.

I've never worked out like this before. I would get on the elliptial and kill it, but there is nothing like using your own body weight as resistance.

Well my body is crying and I'm tired. I'm scheduled to go to Title again today, but this is it for me for the week!

So anywho...I did day 3 of C25k. My legs feel like they weigh 100lbs a piece. Like bricks. I barely made it through this work-out. I'm pretty sure its due to just being flat tired and sore.

I hope I can do week 4. We shall see on Monday.

I've lost close to nothing this week. .5-1lb at the most

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