Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Kid is Back?????

After coming off of several (2) crushing runs, I finally got out again.  Yes, I had a whole week off from running and toying with the idea of going down to 2 days a week (Fridays & Sundays) in order to squeeze in an extra day of Title Boxing.

I just can't explain enough the mental challenge running is for me. Much greater than the physical. I have got to get through this barrier. I have got to run, no excuses.

So what excuse did I come up with last week? None really. I just didn't feel like it.  That may be one of the worse excuses though. FEEL LIKE IT? WTH? There is a lot of things I don't FEEL like doing, but I do them because I have to or because that's the goal I set for myself. S


Yesterday my sister and I decided we would run together. Now there are pros and cons to workout buddies.

Able to socialize
Someone else is depending on you

You are on someone else's time
Someone else is depending on you
Different fitness levels

Thankfully my sister and I run the same pace HOWEVER (and I love my sister) her time schedule is ridiculous.  10 mins means an hour and I'm not kidding.  If she says she'll be there at 7 you should be expecting her around 9. That bad.

Yesterday was no exception (but it wasn't her fault) so I was irritated a little (TOM kickin in too) and wanted to just say forget.  But we went.

She is also doing B210K but is on week 1. I know she could've done Week 3 with me, but heck I'm not confident I can. So we did Week 1 that consists of  four 10 minute run intervals. 

It was nice! Our pace was such we could hold a conversation during the entire run. We took on hills, loose attack dogs, a random mans comment saying "yall don't need to lose no weight" O_o  *begins to run a bit faster*

But it was so much fun! LOL  Nothing better than running in the city.  It's such a peculiar thing  to do unlike the suburbs where you can always find someone out running.  So we were definitely on an adrenaline rush.

I didn't run the RunKeeper app so I'm not sure how far we ran. I would say it took us a little less then an hour to complete the training.

I'm also seeing how important cross-training is while running.  Though I am not a consistent runner, I was able to hang in there and get it done. The hills weren't bad either. I think it's due to the boxing on the non-run days. My legs are getting pretty strong!

Oh I almost forgot. It was cold out. Well I guess the temperature was in the high 40's but I definitely needed my gloves on.  And it got dark during our last 15mins.  After daylight savings, I'm not sure we will be able to run together during the week anymore. *sad face*

I've got to push myself out the door Friday morning to run. It won't be as fun, but hey, it is what it is. 

Thanks for the support! :-)


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