Monday, October 17, 2011


The title is dramatic. But it was a pretty rough week fitness/nutrition wise. I know I'm SUPER behind on blogging so this is a quick recap on last week.

Last Monday I woke up with severely swollen eyes due to allergies. I worked from home and passed out on Benedryl.  Since I didn't run Sunday, I moved it to Monday evening. Thanks to my support system I went ahead and did it. And guess what!?! PERSONAL BEST. 4 miles non-stop in 51:08 (12:58 pace). I was SO happy about this run. I just kept going and was determined to do it.

Tuesday I did make it to boxing class but since I have been slacking on my tracking (hey that rhymed) I don't know what the heck I ate.

So the week went downhill from there. Sadly. Wednesday I went to the park to run.  There was so much going on soccer games, picnics, and even a wedding! Not that I'm making excuses, but I was seriously distracted and hoping my big butt wasn't in any of the wedding pictures. On top of that I ran for about 2 miles, the Runkeeper tells me I did 4 miles. UGH. Technology. So I began walking in order to pull my phone out of my fanny pack (which is difficult due to it being so small and my phone being so big).  And that was IT. Motivation was gone.  I checked out mentally and walked the rest of the day to finish the loop. So I would say I ran 2 miles, walked 1/2 a mile.

Thursday I didn't even go to Title Boxing. Why? I was looking fabulous and wanted to stay that way when I met my friends for dinner. We go out every Thursday and I'm always coming from Title in workout clothes. Being single out here is tough. I'm going to have to start looking decent when I'm out.  For dinner I had chicken strips and fries. Wasn't even good. So on top of not working out I had a crap load of fried food.  This can't happen every week, but I excused myself on this day and before I went to bed did 10mins of ab work so I wouldn't break my streak. (Day 94).

 I usually work from home on Fridays, but we had a meeting that I had to come to the office for. Of course there was a potluck afterwards. Good thing I'm not a fan of homemade foods and desserts so potlucks at work are not a weakness of mine. They had a chili cook-off ( I don't eat chili) so I brought my lunch instead.  It smelled good though, I will admit.  Being that I'm not used to being at work on Fridays my body was rebelling and motivation was ZERO. I took the afternoon off and met my friend for lunch. I was starving (no breakfast due to the meeting) so I ate my spaghetti I packed before leaving. THEN went to eat lunch. (fat huh?).  I wasn't really hungry, but craving (and thats all it was, was a desire, not a need) for chips and queso.  I think I ate my weight in chips. Felt bad afterwards. We went to the mall and the time we left was just in time for the 5pm boxing class (we were close) but I talked myself out of going. Sad.  And went home. I must've been pretty tired because I went right to bed.  I was sleep by 5:30ish and woke up at 9ish and STARVING again.  I really wanted to eat better but couldn't think of anything to eat. Guess what I decided? BBQ. Yes at 10pm I went and ordered a huge beef sandwich and fries. SIGH....
I come home to it and it was HORRIBLE. Cold fries, and the fattiest beef I have ever had in my life (even after I distinctly asked for lean beef) If the place wasn't so far from my house I would have taken it back.  The beef wasn't even chewable. YUCK. What a freakin waste of money and calories!
Oh and no workout! Yes I could've counted "mall-walking" but come on now. Heart rate wasn't even raised. STREAK BROKEN AFTER 94 DAYS. Aye....But it was done conscienencely. I was tired and full off nasty BBQ. I know I could've done 10 mins of ab work, but I didn't feel like it.

Saturday I had my family over to play Dance Central.  I cooked a huge pot of chicken alfredo with broccoli and wheat linguini (I tried to make it semi-nutritious. lol) But I again, ate my weight in pasta along with 2 red velvet cupcakes.  I'm hoping all of the dancing burned those calories though!

Sunday I was till exhausted but forced myself to get up and run. I knew already (mentally checked out) it wouldn't be a personal best, but I promised my friend I would go (thankful for sound support)  I ran 2 miles with a couple of walk breaks. My goal was 3 so I had to walk the last mile back home. The funny thing is this guy passed me up. He had on his little belt with 2 water bottles attached so I assumed it was a long run day for him.  He didn't look like he was going super fast at all, but he DUSTED me.  Not that I was intimidated, but my  mind told me to just STOP and watch him pass me. And that's exactly what I did. 
Eating wasn't great either. Leftover alfredo for breakfast (I bagged up the leftovers in one serving portions) and spaghetti for lunch (oh the pasta!) and then some other junk later that day.


I was scared to even get on the scale, but I did. I was prepared for 190lbs but I was 187.6. Still in a good place to meet my goal of 185 by 11/1!

Today I am starting over and prepared with breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks. I WILL track and I WILL go to Title boxing tonight.

Thanks always for the love and support!

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