Sunday, October 2, 2011

Very Regular.....Week 3 Day 1

I woke up ready and willing to run today. It wasn't hard to get started at all. Maybe I'm still feeling good about my new shoes. LOL.

I actually did the 5 minute warm-up ( I usually skip this part and just start running) because I felt a little stiff.  The first 10 minutes are always so hard. Totally mental (like always) but probably because I know I have at least another hour to go. 

So I added 2 minutes on my runs. And yeah. I could definitely tell.

The gloves helped, but my hands were still cold. Maybe I should've broke off the extra 10 bucks for the North Face's. Oh well.

Oh I forgot. There are lots of older people that walk on the trail. One lady said "you are really doing a good job".  She just doesn't know how much that made me smile and gave me a little push to keep going.

I finished in plenty of time to get ready for church. My hair didn't look like anything and had to throw it in a bun, but it felt good to wake up, run and make it to church. Just an all around good feeling to feed my body and spirit!

Nothing else really blog worthy to report.  It was tough, but I finished. Thankful for 2 days off from running. I hope my mind doesn't check out, and my body gets some rest.

Average Pace (including 5 min warm-up) : 14:38
Miles complete:  4.01
Time: (not including 5 min cool-down)  58:41

Until next time.....



  1. It's always nice when someone who knows nothing about your journey recognize your hard work!!!! I know you look awesome out there. Soon you won't even remember how hard the beginning was! I started the mile training and it's amazing how out of shape I let myself become.Things I used to be able to do and took for granted....I'll get back there! Doing great on the exercise end but need to clean up the eating! But, I have NOT eaten at any fast food places!!!! Cheers to that and another great run!!!


  2. Hey Wilsan!
    You are on your way girl. One healthy habit at a time. Giving up fast food is no small feat. I used to eat FF 5x's a week or more! The cravings for it will go away.

    I can't wait until the day I look back on these entries and think...OMG I was tired after a 3 mile run. LOL. That's exactly why I wanted to blog this journey.

    Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and support. We are on our way!