Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Shoes! - Week 2 Day 3

I finally broke down and bought new shoes! I went to the local running store and where they analyzed my old shoes and watched me walk around the store in order to figure out what type of shoes I needed.  Sorry can't remember what the outcome was (something about I walk on the outside of my soles) I tried on several pairs of Nike's, New Balances, and Saucony's. I liked the Nike's because they were all black.  They were super cute.  I had to suppress my inner fashionista though and bring out the runner in me. This shopping trip was not about looks, it was about comfort and fit (yeah, that's what I kept telling myself).  I absolutely fell in love with these Mizuno Wave Precision 12's though!

pix from
 Aren't the cute!?!? They have some flowers on the side. How girlie!!! Now I come from a place where only Nike and Adidas are acceptable brands of tennis shoes so THIS is monumental! I'm totally a runner! LOL because I didn't care.

They are so light!  I felt like I didn't have shoes on at all. I already have enough weight in my legs to lift,  no need to add more with bulky sneakers!
I was so excited to get out and run with my new shoes that I woke up before the sun came up today but had to wait until it got lighter out.
I went to the park by my house to complete W2D3, and I must say this was the best run yet. I felt so good running.  I still  looked forward to my 1 minute walks. I think that is mental. Just because I know they are coming, I get excited about it. But I think I could run the 45 minutes non-stop.

The inclines were a beast, but going down allows me to catch my breathe and gather my composure again. I do like running at the park. I can get my people on. And of course having people around makes me put a little pressure on myself to "look like a runner" lol. I watch my form, my posture, my breathing. I totally get into looking the part.

I was running today and this other runner (looked very athletic and experienced) passed me completely up. I mean she really lapped me. But I was good with that. More motivation to keep going and work harder. I envied how effortlessly she ran (well it looked effortless)

It was a little chilly out today. I had a jacket on but my hands FROZE. Another purchase. Gloves. Totally necessary. Looks like my running wardrobe is building up. Now I need to figure out what items I need to endure the winter months.

Since I skipped Friday, I have to run a back to back session. I'm actually looking forward to my run tomorrow and hoping my body adapts to the added 2 minutes.

And here is a body shot of me with my new jacket and running shoes! Oh and look at this other picture from January. WOOT! Body is SHRINKING!!!!!! I love it!


 Until next time!!!!

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