Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today's run....

Is nothing to even write about.  Woke up super stopped up and congested.  My sister said last night my mom would keep my niece so we could run together.  I was good with that but she called at 9am-ish. At that time I was sneezing and just trying to sleep.

Last night I went to my friends wedding and we danced ALL NIGHT.  My legs are so sore and I just wasn't feeling it.  I finally got up just to get my 10 mins in. 

I walked/ran 2 miles today. Nothing phenomenal.  Just needed to get it in.

Oh I did try my new headphones and my new fanny pack.  I love them both and so happy my hands are finally free of clutter.  And don't be mistaken, my fanny pack is hidden under my shirt. I'm still too fly for a REAL fanny pack (though Rhinna pulls it off very well!)

Hoping 2 days off of running will help me get in a good run Wednesday!  Have a great Sunday!

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