Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Decisions & Choices
I have to remember that every decision I make does one of 3 things.

Pulls me further from my goal
Pushes me closer to my goal
Keeps me in the same spot

I need to get closer to my goal so what am I doing to get there?  What are some of the choices I'm making to steer me in the direction I'm trying to go?

On the weekends I don't work out. AT ALL.  When I was doing my 1k day 10 minute challenge I was rocking the fitness minutes. When that came to an end, Friday - Sunday became super lazy days.

I stopped tracking.  I know tracking works.  But here's what I do. I track  my good days, don't track the bad ones. Now that's pretty backwards.  I should be tracking those days I go overboard so I can see why I'm not losing weight anymore.

I stopped running.  Not that running helped me lose a gang of weight (I'm still adamant about weight loss being more about what you eat) But running did lean me out. Definitely. Why did I quit? Ummm 'cause it's hard!  Coward.

Lack of portion control eating out. I eat ALL my food and that there is a problem.  Why can't I just eat some and put the rest away? Almost 5 years later and I still don't know. I call it being greedy, but there has to be another issue right?  Maybe I lost that function in my brain that says "hey, you are full. Stop eating now" Or maybe I just can't stand seeing that little bit of food going to waste. Or maybe I hate leftovers.  Who knows.

But there are some things I know I am doing right. I continue to pack my breakfast and lunch for work. Lots of fruit, lots of veggies are being eaten by yours truly. When I grocery shop, I NEVER buy junk food. No chips, no cookies, no ice cream.

Still going to Title Boxing 3-4 days a week. And I must say we go HARD!

But the very best thing I'm doing that pushes me closer to my goal..... I NEVER GIVE UP.  I start over every single day.  Bad dinner last night? I'm packing my breakfast and lunch today.

 I'm not perfect, but I believe that I'm consistent in some things and that is why I will get there. Eventually.


  1. How do you track? I used to use pen & paper...But have been using fitness pal over the last few months and find it so helpful I love it! Many of the foods are already loaded in there...If not, I can scan the food with the barcode tool (I have an iphone) and it will then populate my foods.

    It definitely has made tracking more convenient and more precise!

  2. I track on Sparkpeople. It has the same type of features as fitness pal it sounds like.

    I just need to DO IT. Oh and back to weighing and measuring.