Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Food Log and I need answers!

Sunday morning I woke up sick. The crazy thing is since I've started eating semi-clean I RARELY get sick. No colds, no headaches, no allergies. So when I'm feeling the slightest bit of ill, I'm a wuss. I stayed in bed until noon and work up HUNGRY for pancakes (or a nice belgian waffle) I decided on Culver's (fast food basically) Double cheeseburger, large fries, and a mint chocolate chip concrete (shake) Yep. All that.
It was just ok and I rarely (maybe 4x's a year) eat fast food. 

Monday my stomach was not happy. At all. So in order to recover, I decided to eat only fruits & veggies until dinner.

Breakfast : Coffee, banana, orange

Lunch: Salad, peach, apple

Dinner: Salad, (w/ 1 egg) Spaghetti - (96/4 lean ground beef, whole wheat pasta, Ragu (not clean, I know)

Feeling better today.

Breakfast: Coffee, banana, orange

Lunch: Salad, (w/ 1 egg) Spaghetti

Dinner: Probably the same as lunch. No probably..lol. It will be the same as lunch.

Kind of changing up my breakfast. I need to move into making fruits & veggies my primary foods. The other stuff in smaller amounts.  I know I need to add some type of protein. I was doing tuna last week with wheat thins. Maybe I'll try to do tuna w/o the wheat thins. Again, trying to get myself off of the extra processed foods.

Yes, I'm cutting calories too. I'm experimenting here. I have 35 lbs to lose and it's not moving. On one hand I want to lose the 35lbs (1 lb a week @ at at time) and be done with it. But I'm not feeling skinny fat either, so I want to build muscle as well. So I'm not sure the cutting of calories is the best solution either.

In the comments I was asked if I weight train. With weights? No. But in Title boxing we do lots of body weight training i.e core work, push-ups, squats. Is that enough or do I need to actually lift some weights?

Let me know! I need some answers :-) Right now I can see myself being skinny-fat. People keep telling me I don't need to lose 35 lbs, but I'm looking at myself naked and the flab is too much. I know my body shape. I'm a pear. I will have hips, my butt is big, and thighs to match. But I need it to be toned.

Surgery is looking like an option as well. I like my size, I just don't like the flab.


  1. Hello, weights won't make you lose fat per se, but they will help you build muscle and change the shape of your body. You could also try ballet/barre type classes,from what I heard it is great for toning your body.
    Hope that helps!

  2. I'm so very glad to know I didn't suffer alone this weekend. I ate crap too and was sick as a dog until Tuesday. It is amazing how your body adjust and can't handle grease and junk anymore. I told my family about how I get sick if I eat the wrong food, they thought I was crazy...

    You should definitely try weight lifting, even though I hate how sore I am afterwards I enjoy it while I'm doing it. I think strength training really gives you a banging shape even more, I'm not there yet though....Yeah, I'm not feeling the flab either. Do you makes you happy!!

  3. Thanks! Building muscle works for me..WEIGHTS IT IS. Yikes. we shall see......

  4. Hi Alicia...I'm not sure how many calories you are eating now. But you have lost a significant amount of weight. Are you still eating the same amount as you were before? Have you heard of Basal Metabolic Rate? Its the amount of daily energy you expend. The are several free online tools out there that can help you figure what you expending based on your weight, height, sex, and activity level. If you haven't done it in a while, I would check into see what they recommend. Now what you are smaller...you require less calories then you were then you were heavier...So that'll help.

    I definitely think resistance training (like pilates) or weight training is a necessity! Especially for women and those who are losing weight. It'll help you keep your bones strong and maintain muscle (we lose it as we get older). But also, as people lose weight often they lose muscle...

    Muscle will help you looked more toned and will help you lose weight in the long run...Increased muscle percentages help burn fat more rapidly...

  5. Hi! And yes I have heard of BMR and use Sparkpeople to calculate it based on my current weight and goal.
    The problem is (I KNOW!) I stopped tracking, counting etc. So I'm probably not eating the correct amount of calories (either too high or too low). So I do need to get that in check, and you are right, that will help!

    I'm all for weight training, the problem again is me not doing it. Ok so I should stop complaining and JUST DO IT. I feel bad now. LOL

    Until I DO SOMETHING about it, I have no room to complain about flab. I am going to try the P90X series since it uses body weight to do most of the ST exercises. I'll post sporadically on how that goes!