Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Searching for THAT feeling.

Pretty much everyone knows that I'm on the quest for weight loss.  Not that I talk about it to everyone, especially not at work. But when you start losing, people notice. Then eventually people break down the barrier of silence and ask you about it. Why the barrier? People never want to be offensive which I totally get.

I used to wonder if people at work even noticed the change. AHA. They did. But they didn't want to be offensive.  There is something about complete strangers taking notice that gives me confirmation that this is actually happening.  I mean, its good to hear it from  your friends and family. But they know you are trying to lose weight. You never know if they are just saying it to be nice or really see a difference.

But when people at work come out of their comfort zone to discuss YOUR weight. Oh yeah. They noticed and are intrigued by it. Kind of cool.

Well I said all that to say my manager stops by to talk to me about her own journey.  She started back working out in September and going strong since then.Today I FELT her energy. I mean it's kind of weird that I could feel how strong she's gotten. She was so hype about her progress and her increased endurance.

I absolutely LOVE to talk to most people who are really doing it. When I'm feeling ho-hum about my own progress (and that's how I'm feeling currently) something about hearing other people discuss their progress gets me all motivated again. Thus my obsession with  love for WL blogs.

She even talked about how she hasn't lost any lbs. That's right. NONE.  But she FEELS so good about her workouts that she is now looking into changing her eating habits (YES!!! THAT IS IT) Sorry, I get excited when people discover my secret. LOL

I'm glad she stopped by my office today to share her progress.  I love that I'm the person people go to talk about weight, fitness, diet. WHAT. HOL'UP. Yes me.   Am I becoming that fit bitch?  :-)

So I'm searching for THAT feeling again. That excitement, that satisfaction with progress, that place where I'm proud of myself for doing something this year (or month) that I couldn't do last year. Of course my goal is to lose weight. But when that's not happening you have to find something else to hang your hat on.

That feeling.......


  1. Yes...you have been that FIT Bitch for a while... I'm happy that you have realized it! So I went to your tumblr page and I love it... I want to join you on your dress challenge! After my first test of the semester, I think I am going to set up a tumblr account.

    BTW...your blog is my new study break...and Spark..can't for get that!

  2. Alicia, I have been following you since 2008 on Spark. I just started again for the umpteenth New Year and I must say, I've got that "feeling". I was so happy to find your new blog for your continued encouragement and fighting spirit. Well, I am now here to encourage you. This journey can be so long for some of us, but stay strong and focused on new goals for 2012 and I know you will find that feeling again.

    I know this is just temporary because you have been a SOLDIER in this fight!!! LOL

  3. @Willy - Thanks for checking it out! I LOVE tumblr. It allows me to put randomness on there. Sometimes I get exhausted talking about weight loss. LOL. Even though it does consume me.
    Join me. I may have to swtich dresses. It's gonna take a miracle for me to get in that sucker next year.
    Good luck on your test doctor ;-)

  4. @SlimShadee Thanks for coming over to my new spot and congrats on starting over. I'm glad you got "THAT FEELING" Isn't it THEE BEST?? Mental strength!

    I'm still fighting with you! We got this.. This is our year. Hang in there!

  5. Loved you in your new JCP dress!!! You can see how you have really dropped so much weight! I enjoy reading your blogs!

    P.S. I love the Tumblr- never even heard of it..

    Cwynn01`(from Spark)

  6. Hey girlie! Thanks for coming by my new spot. And yep, I haven't got on the scale but I'm thinking some inches are gone.

    Oh yeah, Love me some tumblr. I like the layout and sometimes I need to get non-weight loss related things off my chest.

  7. Having someone who has been there, done that is so rewarding. Like you said, their energy just radiates from them. Soak it up and use it as motivation.

  8. Exactly! Sometimes you have to do that. My motivation runs short many times so I try and get it from others. It works!