Thursday, January 26, 2012

A year ago....

I looked like this (230 lbs??)

This was me yesterday.....(180 lbs??)

About 50lbs gone last year. I know everyone wants I want to lose as much weight as possible in as little time as possible, but this is the result of an average weight loss of less than a 1 lb a week. I'll take it! :-)


  1. You look great! This is Intriguedki from Spark.

  2. Wow, you look amazing. I have 10 more lbs to lose and I been beating myself up because it seems like it's taking me forever. If I can lose 1lbs a week over 10 weeks! Hell yeah, I'll take it!!! Seeing your pics made me realize that slow and steady will win the race.

  3. Hey chica. Awwww you finally commented. LOL.
    You look freakin terrific. I need to get on some strength training and tone up.

    I'm trying to get like you ;-)

    The last 10 huh? THE HARDEST 10! You got this though. 10 weeks will be here in a minute.

  4. Yes, you can really see the progress that you have made. You have really been working your butt off (literally)..LOL..

  5. You look great! I think 50lbs lost in a year is fabulous! 1 to 2 pounds a week lost is safe weight loss...You should be proud of that!

  6. Alicia you look SOOO GOOD girl#msskinnyminnie!!!!! You've motivated me all over again! My crazy work and school schedule has made it almost impossible to exercise. I've gained 22lbs and I feel like crap!

  7. Thanks everyone!!! It feels wonderful :-)