Wednesday, January 18, 2012


And for me this is not about running. I’m tired of the journey right now. I’m half-assing it and it’s simply because I’m tired of obsessing, tired of starting over, tired of the fact that 5 years later I’m STILL not at goal weight. I’m hoping this will pass soon. But I’m not done. So I will keep going….

I decided that I was doing my best (work-out wise) when I was doing the 1k challenge. So I'm going to start that again. Taking Friday - Sunday off is no good. I also add another streak.  I will ask myself daily "Would you say you ate well (portion control, freggies, conscience eating).  I  need to get back on track. Today is day #2.

As far as running goes. I need to START. I am only going to run 1 mile. That's it. I put too much pressure on myself to do more when I can't even get out the door.

So again, I will keep going.

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