Saturday, September 24, 2011

10 min Challenge

This is pretty random, but I figured I'd better add it to my blog. I'm participating in Sparkpeople's 10 minute exercise challenge.

The purpose of the challenge is to get you on track of consistent exercise. I so love this idea! Many people (I know I've done it) take on these ginormous fitness goals way to early in their journey leading to BURN OUT!

For me, I would try and do 2 a days, 90 minutes of cardio 5-6x's a week.  That is WAY too much, especially because it made me super hungry and I hadn't changed my nutrition, thus I was only maintaining my weight, not losing.

Anywho, I've committed to 1,000 days (YES, 1k) of exercising at least 10 mins per day. I never have complete rest days, so when you hear me say rest, I'll probably be doing the minimum 10 mins. Stretching, light stroll, something "easy".

What's cool about this challenge is even though 1,000 days is over 2 years, who can't spare 10 freakin minutes?  Some days I really had to squeeze it in, but shoot, 10 mins is only about 4 songs on Dance Central (and yall know how I feel about DC, it's hard to stop. It's just that fun!)

There is an app called Habit Streak in the Android market that helps you keep up with your days. Every morning at 4am (you pick the time) I get a notification on my phone that asks:

Did you exercise for at least 10 mins yesterday?

All I do is check yes, and it tells me what day I'm on. COOL HUH??? 

Today is Day 74! I have done some type of workout 74 days in a row! Working my way up to 100 days! PARTY!!

I'll blog periodically about what day I'm on or if I had to break my streak to let you know how it's going.

Did I mention I love Sparkpeople?  Did I mention I love Dance Central? Did I mention I love my Android phone? Yes? Oh. ok. Just checking.

You should join me in the challenge!!! 

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