Thursday, September 22, 2011

pace...Pace...PACE Yourself - Week 2 Day 1

Like I said last week, I decided not to run the RunKeeper app anymore. Although I do like the fact that I know how many miles I've run, I get too obsessed with trying to keep a certain pace. This early in the game, I need to focus on getting in those miles, not how fast I'm running. So I started thinking this to myself:

If I know I have 13 more miles to go, how fast would I be running?

Not fast at all! I slowed it down and it worked! I read somewhere on the Internet that your pace should allow you to hold a conversation with someone.  While running I was definitely able to do that so I knew I was doing ok.

This was a VERY good run. I was able to complete the entire training session and wasn't exhausted when I finished.  My legs were stiff and my stomach cramped up (whats this all about?!) but other than that, I was good!

Oh, my phone died in the last 10mins of my last run.  I  know I said before I didn't need music and would try to train without it, but I did and it's ok. I can't say it gets me through, but sometimes it takes my mind off the time.  Usually I would use a dead battery as an excuse to stop but I kept going. Again, gotta be ready to run in non-perfect conditions!

So yeah. Good run yesterday.  Am actually looking forward to Friday's run.  Wait. Did I just say that?  I did!!

I think I can do this!!!!

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