Thursday, September 29, 2011

If only my head could catch up to my heart. Week 2 Day 2

Of course I kind of dreaded my run yesterday. Agonized over it a little bit at work but quickly tried to recover from it and THINK good thoughts.

I love to run.
This will be nice.
I can do it.
I'm a runner.

It helped a little I guess.  Like I always say, the hard part is getting out there. Once I'm out and find my groove, I'm fine!

Fanny pack on, I headed out my door. Back to my old route, left out of my subdivision. I like that route because it's a nice stretch of country. Only fields and roadkill (ok that part disgusts me) but the lack of housing, buildings, etc. is nice and allows me to think about God's awesomeness. Things you kind of overlook when you are driving 50 miles an hour and zoom passed it.

So training today consisted of a 15 minute run followed by 1 minute walk, 3x's.  I'd say the first 5-10 minutes of running is the hardest. After that, I'm in there and feeling good about it. 

I read on someones Spark blog that they like to run without music sometimes so they can pay attention to their breathing and how their body feels. Even though I had Nicki Minaj (Super Bass) blasting in my ear, I really tried to key in on these things. I noticed my breathing was ok. I'm guessing the slow pace (14mm) helped in that area.  I also noticed my calves burning a little. Hmmm, now that is different. It's usually my breathing that can't hang, not my legs.  Not sure why my legs were so heavy, but I decided new running shoes are a necessity and I am definitely going shopping Friday.  We shall see if that helps.

My route doesn't have any big hills, but nice inclines that I can totally feel.  When I'm on an incline I try to talk myself through it and push hard.  What comes up has to come down right? And when I am going down I take that time to gather my composure.

The second run was ok. I can't lie, I still look forward to my 1 minute walks though. It breaks the time up for me.  I was feeling the weight of my legs in the last run. The last 5 minutes sucked and was ready to be done.

So....I decided I LOVE the feeling of watching cars pass me as I run. Something about that drives me to keep pressing. I feel empowered a little bit. I remember a time I WISH I could be those people I see running while I'm driving in my car. When I wasn't active, I didn't pay attention to them (probably thought they were crazy) But when I decided I wanted to run, I was in complete awe of them (and a bit jealous).   I think I'm becoming that person.  I'm a runner!

Not to get beside myself, my prayer is that I hang in there. CONSISTENCY is what I'm striving for. The mileage will come if I'm consistent. I just have to push myself out the door.


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