Sunday, September 18, 2011

I can't stand the rain.....Week 1 Day 3

But real runners run despite the conditions so I laced up early this morning and set out for day 3 of 10k training.

It wasn't raining too bad, just a light steady rain.  Now let me say this is HUGE. Black girls don't do rain and my hair wasn't happy about it even though I had a hood on. 

This was THEE best run so far.  I found my headphones so I had some music going (not sure if this helps or hinders). I like music, but I kind of like my own company more. I guess today I was able to have some of both. 

I decided not to use RunKeeper in the background. I was focusing too much on my pace.  Today I slowed it down and allowed myself to run at a pace that didn't make me out of breathe or tired.

It started coming down a bitter harder in the middle of my run, but it's funny that I couldn't tell really.  Hood on and focused, I kept going.

I'm still very nervous about this. I just hope I can hang in there when the weather isn't the best.  Ouch! thinking about those early mornings when it's cold and the bed is warm. Lord help me.

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